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About Love (Do not try to get it)




Shuichi Shindou

NameShuichi Shindou
Age19 (18 in manga)
Height166 cm (5'5")
Weight51 kg (112 lbs)
Eyesviolet (green in OVA)
Hairpink (reddish/brownish in OVA)
Blood typeA
Familyyounger sister Maiko, parents (names not mentioned)
FriendsBest friend- Hiroshi "Hiro" Nakano, Ryuichi Sakuma, Suguru Fujisaki, plus others
Love interestYuki Eiri (duh)
SeiyuuSeki Tomokazu
Singing voiceKotani Kinya


if Love

you should know that IF LOVE CAN KILL PEOPLE THEN HATE CAN SAVE THEM. anything is possible now days.

the Man within the Man

the Love within the Love

the sin within the sin

the hermit told unto the sinner

the Soldats is with truth.


The winds must blow in the same direction, When winds collide from different directions, Whirlwinds, Chaos, and needless eddy arises.

A sinner once passed away, will never return, but the sins will never vanish and the love will never die. the hermit also spoke thus. the blood of the Soldats will seep throughout the wilderness and flow into the great river.



what happens

What Can I say bout what hapens when we die. Lets see:

death=>? No one can say for sure. Christians believe that we go with God, Hindous believe we are reincarnated as animals or other things, Pagans believe that we go to Gia, ect.....  Many different religions=> many different answers to that question.

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