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Chichiri/ Aya Mikage

Real nameRi Houjun 
OriginFushigi Yugi by Yuu Watase
BirthdayMay 21st
SymbolWell-- located on right knee 
Height175 cm (about 5'8") 
Blood typeUnknown

Seishi name: Chichiri
Real name: Ri Houjun
Age: 24, 26 in the 2 OVA
Birthday: May 21st
Seishi Symbol: Sho (Well)
Symbol Location: left knee
Interests: fishing and wandering around
Skills: Ki blasts, teleportation, form changing, and turning SD mode (so cute when he does that!)

Past: When he was 18, he was going to get married.  Unfortunately,  when one day he was going to give her a present, he saw his best friend, Hikou, kissing her.  After that he stormed off.  His fiancee, thinking that she was no longer worthy of Chichiri, killed herself.  When he found out, he thought that she had killed herself because she loved Hikou.  Furious, Chichiri went to fight him.  But in the fight, there was a huge flood and Hikou fell in.  Chichiri grabbed his hand, but a log came outta nowhere and crashed in his left eye.  In the pain, Chichiri let go of Hikous hand.  His best friend fell into the water and died.  After this, he went to Taiitsukun and trained for three years.  In his training he made himself a mask, because people found his scar disturbing.  The reason he doesnt take his scar off is because he doesnt want to forget about what happened that day.  ::sniff, thats so


Unknown (--died in the same floods that took the life of his fiancee  Tenmei, and his childhood friend Hikou when he was 18.)

Believed to be a Zen Buddhist Monk. He was trained for 3 years by Taiitsu-kun (Goddess of Creation) and is also one of the Suzaku Seishi (in case you didn' know ^_~). In fact he is the oldest of the Suzaku Seishi. 


Studied with Taiitsukun for 3 years; there he learned Magic--telepathy, instantaneous mobility(you know, when he by using a kasa (his hat) or a kesa (his cloak/shawl) ^^), ability to freeze opponents, etc. All that, and it probably smarts to get whacked by that staff ^^;... . Able to snap fingers and doors close, able to shapershift into other people. Known to superdeform often. 

Chichiri usually goes around wearing his smiling mask to hide the scar he obtained the day he lost his friend Hikou. You can always tell when Chichiri is extremely serious because he will take off the mask and look you directly in the face. He oftens serves as a counselor to the other seishi. He is both understanding and amazingly patient. He acts very childish, but in a carefree unselfish way. Despite the burdens of grief and guilt he has coped quite well. Eventhough he appears to be almost always be happy, he truly isn't. He merely wears his smiling mask and tries to find enjoyment in life and be a friend to those around him. He realizes that no matter how much he wishes he could change the past, that one cannot, and he strives to try to find atonement in peace by living. This is perhaps why he tends to lighten the mood and bring comfort to his compatriots by doing oh so kawaii things, like superdeforming. ^_^ Another trait, is that he tends to ends his sentence in the incredibly catchy, adorable, and just plain cute words of "no da." He can da for me any time darling. ^_^ 

Seki Tomokazu is the voice actor. He also voiced Koji's voice in Fushigi Yuugi as well. His more well known roles besides Chichiri, was Kamui in Clamp's X, and Van Fanel in Escaflowne. And let me tell you he can sing really well ^_^. 

Chichiri grew up one of three best friends in a village. One of them, a girl(I think her name was Korin), became his fiancee. His other best friend was a boy who had a small interest in Chichiri's fiancee. When Chichiri was 18, he caught his friend kissing his fiancee. He flew into a rage at these two people whom he trusted most, and started to fight his friend for trying to take his fiancee(although the boy just wanted to steal a small kiss from her, with no lasting harm). While the two were fighting a large storm blew in and brought heavy rain, causing the village to be quickly flooded. Most of the village inhabitants were drowned, including Chichiri's family and his fiancee. While they fought, his friend fell into the rushing water, and Chichiri, realizing what he was doing, attempted to rescue him. But while he was pulling his friend from the water, a large log that had broken under the pressure of the water swept at them. It smashed into Chichiri's head, gouging out his left eye. Chichiri had let go of his friend, who was swept away with the flood. When all had ended, Chichiri had a large scar over his left eye. He chose to pursue a life as a Zen Buddhist monk, but kept his scar so he would not forget his friends, and what had happened. He wears a smiling mask over his real face to hide the pain he has endured from the world. 


Gender Female
Age 16
Hair Blonde
Eyes Blue
Bio/Notes Aya is not a simple person. On the outside she can be a cheerful and bright 16-year-old who's fond of karaoke and loves jewelry. But often on the inside she's serious and withdrawn during certain situations. She does have the ability to bouce back from bad situations with incredible resiliance and determination. She is very strong willed.

Aya has a close relationship with her twin brother Aki that she cherishes emmensely.

Ayw also has a close friendhip with Yuhi, though they often engage in slapstick spats.

Aya has no boyfriend when the series starts, but she is utterly and hopelessly in love with her enemy, Toya.

In Series Ceres, Celestial Legend


NameAya MikageAya MikageAya Mikage (Ceres, Celestial Lengend)
Age16 years16 years
Height5'5"166 cm
StatusAki's twin sisterAki's twin sister
Voice Kakazu Yumi
AnimeCeres, Celestial LengendAyashi no Ceres

Aya Mikage, a normal average high school student, with genes of celestial goddess. The Mikage family is a descendant of a man who stole a goddess' Hagoromo (feathered robe) and hid it so she would settle down with him. After their kids where about kindergarten age, the man revealed the location of the robe, and she got it back and flew back to the heavens. Now the Mikage family has celestial genes, and every woman is tested for them at the age of 16. If activated, they are killed by their fathers. Aya and her twin brother Aki were both tested, with surprising results. Throw into the mix her loverboy, Touya, who isn't affected by her powers, and this becomes a great anime.

On Aya's 16th birthday, her destiny as the reincarnation of Ceres overtakes her and turns her world into a living nightmare! She falls in love with a man named Tooya who has no clue about his past. She meets other Tennyo's but they eventually die later. Ceres had a grudge against the Mikage people and Aya promised Ceres to find and retrieve the Hagoromo.



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