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A Delayed story
As you may Know the Story of Lightning is still undergoing some revisons and now being typed. The author wants to invite you not so many people to the premire of the movie coming soon, which may be in...
A.D. 2932

In the mean time you can read some excerpts from the story as it is being written. Enjoy!  Any who this story also contains alot of graphic violance like shooting lightning bolts from the eyes of a little girl about 11 years old. Also inthe next book The main character, Cyndy Honeywell, tells her friends about her foster father raping her when she was 6 years old to about 10 years old. this book also tells about Cyndy's past and her triplets who turn to be two of her best friends. Who can these two be? There is also some sort of dragon god person in it. I'm not giving it away. *snicker snicker* *press the button, press the button* help, help,  help *press the button, press the button* Help, help, help.

So be aware  of this type of violance, gore, and sexual content. it can also help with different problems in life so pay special close attention

   ~Sakura Ashitaka (this is my pen name and if I was in Japan it would be like this Ashitaka Sakura ( Sakura is my first name))

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