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random who knew

About Love (Do not try to get it)





I'm being random so here you go

all these pictures are is me looking up anime shows and finding these that acctually fit my personality and maybe yours as well

me always alone


walk along until you see something intresting

me in one of my anger modes

play with cat among other things

mommy and cub- "I don't know my Mommy"

someone who is kind

my head hurts

love what you wear

me- likes being solitary

solitary- good for me

the other good side of people

me wanting things (fights) to end between me and my sister


me walking to scool


"away from the food"

me and my friends before things went wrong

"What is going on here"

the person they truely are

evil sadistic side with sword

"something is wrong. My mind is being jumbled"

"idiots"-turn away

"what do you want. LEAVE ME ALONE"

the sadistice part of everyone

"its war in the body"

"wait, I have a cut on my cheek, someone's holding my hand. Do I know this person"

the nice part of every one..............with a sword!

me and my crush or is it my ex-girl

me in the library reading-I do that alot-part of my solitary